Vision IoT Selected as One of the First Partners to be Admitted into New Data Science Partnership Program

Chantilly, Virginia June 29th, 2021 Vision IoT (or the “Company”) announced the advancement of its Microsoft partner status to now be one of the first Microsoft partners to be admitted into the new Data Science Partnership Program. Under this strategic collaboration Vision IoT and Microsoft will advance the capabilities of existing IoT/AI solutions developed by Vision IoT and scale these solutions across the consumer goods and retail space.

The collaboration will combine Microsoft’s trusted, secure cloud platforms and collaboration and enterprise technologies with Vision IoT’s proven expertise and innovation in IoT Platforms and the CPG/Retail industries.

Vision IoT and Microsoft will specifically work together in three clear areas:

  1. Advancing adoption of IoT across the CPG and Retail industries by connecting more assets to Vision IoT’s platform running on Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub.
  2. Utilizing AI technology to create transformational business value for clients using Vision IoT on Azure to manage their data in addition to making assets more sustainable across the industry.
  3. Bringing existing AI models to the edge to speed up decision making and reducing telecommunications costs for clients.

“This collaboration speaks volumes for how advanced we are in the IoT space compared to the rest of the industry,” said Austin Groves, CEO of Vision IoT. We have already built one of the world’s most scalable and advanced IoT platforms for connecting CPG and retail assets on Microsoft Azure, and now together with Microsoft we will advance our capabilities in Artificial Intelligence to continue delivering transformational business value for our clients. Vision IoT is entering a new dimension of business value by moving from telling clients what the issues are to recommending actions in real time using AI. Our clients want us to predict out of stocks and re-route salespeople before there is a problem to avoid lost sales entirely, and with this new AI collaboration with Microsoft that’s exactly what we will do.”

The scope of this relationship also includes edge AI development to bring the processing typically performed in Azure to Microsoft edge devices. This allows our clients to process almost unlimited amounts of images and video feeds in real time and over time reduces data charges typically faced by our clients.

“We are pleased to work with Vision IOT and all of our partners on the next phase of IOT innovation and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together,” said Gretchen O’Hara, vice president of AI & Sustainability Strategy for Microsoft.

For enquiries about Smart Stock or any Vision IoT solution please reach out to or call us on (703) 981 9354.

About Vision IoT Inc.

Vision IoT connects retail assets enabling CPG brands and retailers to measure, analyze, and optimize the efficiency of these assets and the representatives responsible. Vision IoT successfully created the world’s first and only device-agnostic IoT platform for connected retail assets that seamlessly integrates with third-party controller OEMs across the globe. Our innovative IoT solutions transform a retail store into digital insights that maximize sales and elevates the customer experience.

Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia Vision IoT also has regional offices across India, China, Bulgaria, and Brazil to support millions of connected devices on our platform for our clients across over 40 countries. Vision IoT is a leading innovator in ground-breaking Internet of Things (IoT) products for the retail industry. Since its inception, Vision IoT has built an impressive portfolio of patented technologies. Today, we can boast several of the Fortune 500 companies in our client list, which is constantly growing as we scale our platform to new client groups and use cases.

We leverage our vast machine learning, AI, and image recognition development capabilities in addition to our deep experience in the Retail/CPG industries to build the world’s #1 device agnostic connected asset platform. Our Harbor IoT platform connects millions of coolers, espresso machines, pallets, and freezers globally, in addition to directly integrating critical applications for field service reps and salespeople. We also offer a comprehensive suite of management dashboards and analytics to give management unparalleled insights into their field operations.

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