Monitor events like never before

Monitor events like
never before

Learn why hundred of innovative companies choose our trusted HARBOR IoT platform to connect, manage, and extract data from their physical products.

Smart Tag is a battery powered Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled proximity wireless sensor device that monitors Temperature, Light, door open/close, Movement and enable contactless asset tracking

Smart Tag

This is a Battery Powered and BLE enabled wireless device. It monitors Temperature, Light, Door open / close and retains these in its internal memory for later retrieval

Any BLE/ iBeacon enabled mobile application can detect Smart Tag in 3 to 9 meter's (the range can vary upon obstruction)

Better insights and accurate representation of market forces.

Features of Smart Tag

Smart Tag can be installed in less than 2 minutes without the need of any cabling.

Any BLE/ iBeacon enabled mobile application can detect all Smart Tag enabled CDE's in a 3 to 9 meters radius

Asset Inventory

For easy identification of cooler's the beacon functionality offered by Smart Tag can be used.​​

Cooler health monitoring

The Smart Tag is equipped with temperature and light sensors to monitor cooler health​

Measure Cooler Productivity

Magnetic Door Sensor allows the customer to calculate asset ROI and optimize placement there by reducing CAPEX​

Automated WH inventory

For easy identification/inventory of coolers in large warehouse the beacon functionality offered by the SmartTag can be used. ​

Case protection

Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Housing with compact and ergonomic design​

Remote Firmware upgrades

Automated over the air firmware updates issued via remote commands configuired in the backend ​


Configure device parameters such as heartbeat rate, movement settings, and more to fit any application.​

Open BD Visit

A BD visit process can be started automatically when BD enters a store and BD App detects beacon signal sent by coolers equipped with SmartTags.​

Real Time Data updation and accessibility

Full Automation

Real-Time Reporting

Asset Tracking

Consumption Analysis

Use cases of Smart Tag

Smart Tag is used in the diverse field of industries. Smart Tag serve a broader solution and can be customizable according to the needs.





Smart Tag Resources

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