Energy Management Temperature Controllers connected to the cloud

Energy Management Temperature Controllers connected to the cloud

EMDs connected to the cloud via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or mobile connectivity that provide telemetry data, configruation & troubleshooting capabilities.

EMDs connected to the cloud via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or mobile connectivity that provide telemetry data, configuration & troubleshooting capabilities.

OEM Controller

Support for multiple controllers by Sollatek,Carel, Wellington,Elstat and SYOS

Basic telemetry from controllers is door utilization and temperature data as well as power on/off events

More advanced data depending on the especific device is location, remote configuration, alarms and troubleshooting.

Features of OEM

Change controller parameters without
opening the cooler (BLE app or remote
from the cloud)

Alarms and alerts directly related to
cooler health and Geolocation and asset
tracking using GPS, WiFi and Cell

Asset Inventory

For easy identification/inventory of
coolers via Beacon or mobile

Open BD

A BD visit process can be started
automatically when BD enters a
store and BD App detects beacon

Remote Firmware

Automated over the air firmware
updates issued via remote
commands configuired in the

Minimize Asset

Always know the locaiton of the
asset (provided that geolocation
module and mobile connectivity is
available). In some devices remote
shutdown and deactivation is also

Measure Cooler Productivity

Use door opening data to calculate
asset ROI and optimize placement
thereby reducing CAPEX

Update and

Update controller configuration
remotely (via application or
mobile connectivity) to improve
performance or resolve issues

Cooler health

Monitor the temperature inside
and outside the compartments
and additional parameters
(compressor, fan), power on/off

Engage with

Consumer Apps are able to detect
beacon signal of coolers equipped
with Smart Beacon and forwards
this information to the backend.
Consumers can now engage with
the customer using the Consumer

Real Time Data updation and accessibility

Full Automation

Real-Time Reporting

Asset Tracking

Consumption Analysis

Use cases of OEM Controller

OEM Controller is used in the diverse field of industries. OEM Controller serve a broader solution and can be customizable according to the needs




OEM Controller Resources

Download and get more about OEM Controller

Data Sheet

Download the data sheet
details fo OEM Controller

Download >

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